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Our Aims

We aim to... 

  1. Ensure that children and young people’s views, wishes and feelings are listened to and considered in decisions and services that affect their lives.

  2. Ensure that children and young people receive the appropriate level of care and protection.

  3. Challenge discrimination and negative perceptions of children and young people.

  4. Encourage children and young people to grow to their full potential.

  5. Ensure that every child or young person is respected as an individual, with unique needs of their own (religious, cultural, ethnic, sexual orientation and language).

  6. Ensure that children and young people are treated with respect and dignity.

  7. Ensure that children and young people are aware of their rights, and their right to question, challenge, or complain about decisions that affect their lives.

  8. To involve children and young people to help shape, develop and improve the services they receive.

How we try to achieve our aims...

  1. We do this in a number of different ways. 

  2. We provide advice and support to children and young people.

  3. We will support children and young people in care, if they wish to make a complaint or need assistance in resolving a problem.  We will ensure that they have access to an independent advocate or someone who can advocate on their behalf.

  4. We will advocate on behalf of the child or young people in care, if this is requested.  This does not have to be related to a formal complaint.

  5. We will try to encourage a positive role model or mentor for a young person in care who has limited family contact, or who would benefit from an Independent Visitor.

  6. We will provide an Independent Visitor to every eligible child and young person referred to the service.  Further work will be required to ensure that resources are available.

  7. We try to ensure that children and young people feel they are respected and recognised for their contributions.

  8. We will try to ensure that the views of the children and young people influence changes and make improvements.

  9. We will encourage new experiences and skills, encouraging opportunities and learning that will equip them for the future.

  10. We will try to keep things fun!  We have fun days for young people, providing activities including arts and crafts and DVD making, and we provide rewards for their hard work.

  11. We have Young Evaluators who have been trained to undertake evaluation activities of other services provided to children and young people.   This is an empowering experience and encourages relationship building with other groups of young people.  We hope to expand and improve this aspect of the service.

  12. We will recognise the achievements of the young people, both from their involvement with the Participation and Rights Team and their achievements in other aspects of their life, i.e. school.  We will support East Riding of Yorkshire ‘Celebrating Success’ events, and provide our own accreditation programme.  We will ensure that we celebrate any commitment to the organisation, building self-esteem and encouraging the personal development of the children and young people.

  13. We will promote the work of the Participation and Rights Team.

  14. We will encourage the Integrated Management Teams to fund or provide services and activities specifically identified by the children and young people in their areas, by the promotion of our services.

  15. We will encourage compliments, complaints, good news stories and promote examples of good practice.