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What do we offer?

Advice and support regarding children and young people's rights.

Advocacy Services for children in care.

Independent Visitors for children in care.

Participation Activities – a chance for children and young people to get involved and have a say on services and things that matter to them.

The opportunity to develop new skills and experiences.

The Children In Care Council is run by children and young people in care.  These young people make sure that councillors and senior managers in children’s services are made aware of things that matter and make improvements.

Who can use our services?

Anyone aged between 5 and 18 can access the service if they are considered ‘in need’ under the Children Act 1989.  We provide additional services to children and young people who are in care or leaving care aged 5 – 21 (and up to 24 years for ‘eligible’ Care Leavers).


We believe that children and young people matter, that they should be listened to and should have their say in decisions that affect their lives and the services they receive.

Things people have said about the Team

“Chris [name changed] thinks the staff in the Participation Team are amazing and have helped her a lot. They have given her more confidence and they are all so kind and young person friendly.”

“Julie [name changed] … feels the Children’s Rights Officer is an inspiration and she would not have been able to get through the last few months without her help.”

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