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Young People with Disabilities

By working in partnership with the Disability Team, the Participation and Rights Team helps to ensure that children and young people with a disability are able to make their views known, to influence decisions and to evaluate services.


We provide an advocacy service for young people who have a disability as well as for children who are looked after or who have a social worker.

We have recently designed an advocacy leaflet especially for young people with a disability, using symbols.

Advocacy leaflet using symbols

LAC Consultation Visits

Many of you will know about the Viewpoint computer questionnaires that young people can fill in before their Looked After Children review. It gives them the chance to have their say about what’s going well in their lives, as well as what is perhaps not going so well.

We also have a Viewpoint programme that uses symbols alongside the questions.

However, some young people with disabilities are not able to use these computers or understand the questions being asked, so we have started to visit young people who cannot do these.

In order to find out their wishes and feelings we will find other ways to consult with them. This may be by asking questions, through activities, or sometimes by observing them and getting to know them better.

We will be doing this for all young people with disabilities who are looked after by the East Riding, who live in foster care, or who access ‘short breaks.’

Residence meetings & drop ins

We have started attending residence meetings in the residential homes and short breaks providers that look after children who are disabled.

In the residence meetings we can also find out from the young people what they like about the home and what they think could be done to make it even better.

We also attend a school student council meeting, so we can support the young people to have their voices heard.