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Do you want something stopped, started or changed?

Advocacy is about helping you to get your voice heard.

It is about helping you to make an impact and be listened to when you feel people haven’t been paying attention to you or the problem you are having.

It is about helping you get your say in tackling difficulties you are having, or in decisions being made that affect you.

Advocacy can help you with things like bullying, problems in your foster placement or children’s home, difficulties with your social worker or other professionals, worries about contact with your family and a whole range of other things.

When you contact the Advocacy service you stay in control of what happens next – we can give you information and advice but what happens is up to you – we take our instructions from you!

We also keep what you say confidential and don’t talk to anyone unless you ask us to.

The only time we would break this promise is if what you told us made us think that you or somebody else might be seriously harmed - then we would have to tell someone but even then we would talk to you about it.

Advocacy booklet

Child Protection Conference Advocacy booklet